19 AUG 2017
Pan Hell BBQ

 14 APR 2017
Chapter Anniversary BBQ

The Baja Ques welcome it's 3 newest members
  1. Anthony Sims - SP-ACE Owt
  2. Noland Culver - Two-Owt
  3. Huey S. Ratcliff - Owt Patient

 1 NOV 2016
Chapter Anniversary BBQ

Happy Birthday Baja Ques

5 NOV 2016
"Dare to Dream" College Tour

Dr. JAM Members at the "Dare to Dream" College Workshop and Tour at UCSD

29 OCT 2016
Dr. JAM @ the Youth Leadership Conference

The brothers attending the 23rd Annual Youth Leadership Conference.

16 OCT 2016
Breast Cancer Walk

The brothers of Phi Omicron and the Dr. JAM Program Mentees getting ready for the Breast Cancer walk.  This is an annual program the chapter supports.  This year the chapter had 18 registered participants.  Go Team Phi O!!!!

26 AUG 2017
Dr. Charles Drew Blood Drive


FY16-17 Dues

Men Interested in 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc
Do you have an interest in our mighty fraternity?

Reclaiming Brothers

The Baja Ques are reclaiming all our non-active and non-financial https://www.gofundme.com/BajaQuesbrothers. It is our duty to support the community.

The New Baja Ques Online Store is Open

Baja Ques Online Store

We heard the requests and we were listening.  After years of anticipating the Baja Ques Online Store is officially open.  It is currently headlined by items from the IMMERSED by QL Davis Collection.  More items to come.

Dr.  J.A.M.  Program
Congratulations to the FY13-FY14 Graduates.
Dr. John Arrington Mentoring Program is now accepting applications.