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Talent Hunt

Auditions:      Sunday, 09 April 2016 @ 1pm - 4pm, Christian Life Center of San Diego, Spring Valley, CA 91977
Competition:    Saturday, 15 April 2016 @ 5pm - 8pm, Christian Life Center of San Diego, Spring Valley, CA 91977

Talent Hunt Application

2017 Phi Omicron Talent Hunt

The Talent Hunt program of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is one of several national programs designed to identify and support the youth of our nation and the world. The original idea was created by Brother J. Austin Atkins of Winston Salem, North Carolina, and Brother Dewey Duckett of Rock Hill, South Carolina. While the idea was conceived in 1945, the first District Talent Hunt program was held in the Sixth District in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 19, 1946. The need for such a program was born out of the unequal opportunity afforded to some American youth to develop and give full expression to their talents. The original statement of the Talent Hunt idea included this expression: “Creative and outstanding capacities in any honorable activity should be eligible for consideration.” During public presentations, all original displays were limited to the field of music. Since that time, the Talent Hunt program has been expanded to include other forms of the expressive arts.

Participant Criteria
  • Participation in the Talent Hunt is open for the following form of trained art:
    1. Music: Vocal and instrumental; classical, semi-classical, gospel and jazz. A printed copy of the music (score) is required for the judges to analyze.
    2. Interpretive Movement to Music: ballet, modern dance and tap.
    3. Speech: Poetry, oration, monologue, etc. (Printed script should be provided for each judge to analyze)
    4. Visual Art: Sculpture, photography, drawing and painting.
  • Basic Rules for Participation in the District and International Talent Hunt:
    1. Contestant must be a high school student who has not advanced beyond a senior at time of the Local Talent Hunt.
    2. All presentations including instrumental numbers must be memorized and must be dignified and in good taste.
    3. Track music may be used for accompaniment as long as there is no lead instrumental or background vocals included on the track.
    4. The Talent Hunt is a competition on the Chapter, State, and District levels.
  • 1st Place:   $250.00 and slot in the 12th District Talent Hunt Competition
  • 2nd Place:  $150.00
  • 3rd Place:   $100.00