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Phi Omicron was chartered in San Diego, California, on November 1, 1949. Service, cultural awareness, and civic responsibility to the San Diego Community is our aim while providing educational opportunities for youth through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarship programs. The Phi Omicron Chapter is the oldest Chapter in San Diego County and the 4th oldest Graduate Chapter in the 12th District, with professional men of distinction from all walks of life in America's finest city.

Charter Members


  • Brother Grandison Phelps

  • Brother Percy Steele (Omega Chapter)

  • Brother John Williams

  • Brother Louis Wideman

  • Brother Luther Crawford

  • Brother James S. Noble

  • Brother E. B. Singleton

District Officers


  • Brother Thomas McPhatter, Rho ‘46 (Omega Chapter)

    • Thirteenth 12th District Representative

    • Montford Point Marine

    • He would always amaze the brotherhood with stories of the connection of the "African Boot Dance," which was the first phase of stepping.


  • Brother Dr. John Arrington, Nu Rho ‘66

    • Past 12th District Chaplain

    • A retired educator

    • He would tell us of the times he spent with Stokley Carmichael (as known as Kwame Ture) in the Civil Rights movement.


  • Brother Benjamin Shaw, Mu Psi ‘52 (Omega Chapter)

    • Past 12th District KRS

    • Successful dentist in the San Diego community


  • Brother Bobby F. Wilson, Gamma Gamma ‘55 (Omega Chapter)

    • Past 12th District 1st Vice District Representative

    • Retired San Diego City College administrator

  • Brother Reginald DePass, Epsilon Psi '72 (Omega Chapter)

    • Past 12th District KF​

    • Retired Director of Finance at Feaster Charter School


Awards and Recognition


  • Reclamation Chapter of the Year, 2015

  • Bro. Jervaughn Hunter, Kappa Delta ’14, Undergrad of the Year, 2019



Distinguished Chapter Members


  • Brother Joe Outlaw, Eta Sigma ‘58

    • Retired Army Colonel

    • President and CEO of Pentrust Financial Services

    • Commercial Real Estate Developer

  • Brother W. Harold Tuck, Pi ‘72

    • Served the city of San Diego as its top Health advisor until his retirement.

  • Brother Rudolph Johnson, Tau Epsilon ‘85

    • President and CEO of the San Diego-based Neighborhood House Association

  • Brother Roderick Shelton, Omicron Sigma ‘89

    • One of the first black judges of the Superior Court of San Diego County


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