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Dr. John Arrington Mentoring Program


The Dr. JAM Program was started in 2007 to address concerns our community had with the youth. The chapter set out to develop a program that would help address those concerns. The program is named after Brother Dr. J. Arrington a member of the Phi Omicron chapter who has been a leader in the community in the areas of education and religion.


The Dr. JAM Program has two major components that are used in conjunction with each other. The first is the monthly educational component. Each month the group gets together and has a session that deals with one of the core principles of the group.

  • Character Development

  • Academic Success

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Social Service


The second component is the group activity component. These events are used to build brotherhood and give the mentees a chance to fellowship with members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 



Mentee Eligibility Requirements

• Must be between the 6th – 12th grade

• Reside in the San Diego county

• Demonstrate a desire to participate in the program and be willing to abide by all policies and procedures.

• Be able to obtain parental/guardian permission and ongoing support for participation in the program

• Agree to at least a one-year commitment to the program

• Commit to attending the Dr. JAM monthly meetings

• Commit to coming prepared to each activity

• Complete screening procedure


Mission Statement

The mission of the Phi Omicron Dr. John Arrington Mentoring Program is to work with males between the 6th and 12th grade in the areas of character development, academic success, cultural awareness, and social service.


Questions? Drop Us A Line

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2023 / 2024 Directors

Darrin Glover

Program Director / CONTACT

Robert Rush

Parent Liaison / CONTACT

Joseph Cummings

Community Service Liaison / CONTACT

Athanison Monroe

Historian / CONTACT

Quentin Davis

Restore, Uplift & Hope Liaison CONTACT


“In the depths of Wisdom abounds Knowledge!!! Knowledge is divine!! So I lend my ear to Listen, my heart to the Respect of my People and my soul to the Preservation of my Culture! “



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Restore, Uplift & Hope

San Diego

Is a major contributor to the

Dr. JAM Program

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