International High School

2021 Essay Title

Promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship is an important way of creating new jobs and enhancing the labor market for the unemployed and other disadvantaged groups. In a post-COVID environment, why is it essential that young people change their mindset towards self-employment?

 Chapter Level Awards 
1st  Scholarship: $500     2nd Scholarship: $300     3rd Scholarship: $200
Eligibility & Rules

The Contest is open to all college-bound, high school seniors who submit an essay application through a Chapter of the Fraternity.

The essay must be original and neither previously published nor secured by copyright. The essay must be between 700 and 750 words in length. The type-written, double-spaced essay may be submitted via postal service or email in Microsoft Word.

Submission Process

All submissions will be reviewed by your local Chapter (determined by your high school/home address). Submissions will not be accepted after October 15, 2021.

Do not change or shorten the Essay Topic.

The following information for the contestant must appear on the first page in this manner:

Essays are not to be sent to the Fraternity’s Headquarters facility and any received there will be considered ineligible.

Submissions will not be accepted after October 15, 2021.

Email your essay and application to

National Level
1st  Scholarship: $5,000
2nd Scholarship: $3,000
3rd  Scholarship: $2,000
4th  Scholarship: $1,000

Email your essay and application to